Changing the Level of Commitment

When two people become a couple, they often formalize it by getting married, having a modern commitment ceremony or they can even have an unspoken agreement. The way they choose to make their commitment to each other has little to do with the depth of their feelings or the bond between them; it has more to do with the rituals of society. What matters is how they feel and react to situations that affect them in their everyday lives.

While partners generally have a slightly different outlook on their relationship with the other person, the overall feeling of building a life together is the most important part of their pledge to remain together through all life events. Both of them might be satisfied for many years in their situation, but they must recognize it is important to discuss their issues on a regular basis. When there is a disagreement between them, it must be settled or one partner may feel free to leave.

Marriages and long term relationships do not always end because of life changing events, and people tend to feel they are safe as long as everything is going along fine on the surface. There are undercurrents in life, and lack of satisfaction can occur at any time. It wears away the bonds that keep people together, and it can change the level of commitment a person feels toward their significant other.

The breaking of an emotional bond can happen slowly, but losing it can be the end of the relationship. Emotional maintenance and attention can keep it repaired and functioning, but each person must take the time to find out how their partner feels so both of them can find ways to be happy with their life. If one of them fails to listen or care about their partner, they will face the end of life as they know it.