Emotions Make a Relationship Work

In the modern world, people often believe love is the only emotion necessary for a relationship to work. This is untrue, and there are many different emotions that keep a relationship healthy and happy for both partners. Respect, friendship and concern for a person's well being are also emotions that are necessary for a working relationship. Without them, love can quickly fade as frustration, resentment or hate take over the emotional aspect of a couple's interactions.

Each person must have some feelings of respect for their partner, or they will eventually lose the love that brought them together. Love is a deep emotion, but it is able to stand alone and does not require respect. Being able to respect the values and judgments of a partner is important, and taking it out of the relationship often leads to betrayal. The ability to trust a person is based on respect, and trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

The other person in a relationship should be a friend and confidant. They are the person who is always there, and the ability to share life is a key facet of maintaining a good relationship. If a couple do not feel friendship toward each other, they are more likely to go their separate ways. They will find excuses to be with real friends who work to understand their wants and needs in life, and this weakens the existing relationship.

While love is not always an integral part of a good relationship, the ability to like the other person matters when measuring success. A couple with a long term partnership will find life is often difficult, and their emotions may become out of control during crisis situations. They may not love each other, but if they still like each other the relationship can survive almost anything.