Finding Love after Commitment

There are still many societies in the modern world where arranged marriages are the norm, so romance before marriage is not important. Couples might know each other for years before marriage, but falling in love with each other before they take vows is not an important component of their relationship. Each of them has their own expectations, but many of them are content with affection rather than love with their partner. Some of them find they have fallen in love with that person, but it can take many years before it occurs.

Finding love after commitment is not expected, but people who share their lives must find common bonds. For some of them, love for their children is all they ever expect or achieve. Others find they are dedicated to the same causes, and it gives them an opportunity to find the spark of romance with each other.

Those who find their duty to their family brings them the happiness associated with love are the lucky ones, and they will have a much more satisfying life. For those who are missing this spark, their lives can still be complete. Their love is for the duty to family and society, but it does not negate the opportunity to care for their spouse as a person. They believe that romantic love is much less important than the love that comes with honoring vows they have given.

Arranged marriages are slightly different today than they were in the past, and many more couples find they can fall in love with their partner. It is not and never has been shameful to feel romantic toward a spouse, and it only enhances the relationship. Couples today in these types of societies often know each other for years before they marry, and their common backgrounds provide them with a chance to fall in love with each other.